Please read the FAQ below which should answer the majority of your questions. 

What are Minecraft servers?

Minecraft servers allow Minecraft players to play together in a multiplayer environment. They provide players with various different games within Minecraft. Servers can contain any type of game, as Minecraft provides the framework to make this happen. 

What is MC-Ages?

We provide a multiplayer survival game where players collaborate to form tribes, build empires, battle bosses or even compete in the various events that we offer each month. Compared to Minecraft Realms, MC-Ages is completely free to play, and we provide all the content. 

What is the store for?

There are lots of costs that are associated with running a Minecraft server. These costs include the server machine which hosts all of the players. Read a full breakdown of our costs here.

We have spending limits in place to help combat unauthorised purchases. Our support team responds to all queries within 1 working day.

What are the store packages?

We offer various packages which enhance your in-game character. All purchases go through a secure payment gateway and are automatically delivered within minutes in-game. All of our services are fully encrypted with SSL encryption in-game.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us here.